New Shooters

Safety First

Practical Shooting Firearm Safety Rules
  • I will treat every firearm as if it were loaded
  • I will never point the muzzle  at anything I am not willing to destroy
  • I will keep my finger off the trigger until I'm ready to fire
  • I will  make sure of my target and what is beyond it

Download New Shooter Information and Safety Manual

Practical Shooting Firearms Rules

SAFETY is the watchword of the entire USPSA program! Practical Shooters instinctively practice safe gun handling under pressure, and they demand the same of others: USPSA-affiliated clubs always check new shooters to insure that they have the skills needed for safe participation. Consequently, before you are allowed to compete in any USPSA/IPSC match or organized practice, a Practical Shooting Safety Check is always required -- always.

What is USPSA Action Shooting?

"USPSA Shooting" is a fun, fast-paced, action shooting sport, using realistic courses of fire and scenarios that challenges your mind, body, and equipment. The only restrictions on course designers pertain to safety and standardized targets; beyond that, the sky's the limit! USPSA Shooting Matches are realistic and diverse. Multiple targets, moving targets, partial targets, knock-down steel targets, no-shoot targets that cover or obscure "shoot" targets, barricades, doors, windows, walls, tables, cars, boats, motorcycles - all these and other props are mixed together by course designers to create constantly changing situations which challenge the competitor to shoot and think!  As Practical Shooting is freestyle, you provide the solution to the shooting problem, and both your score (points) and speed (time) are factored.